Ella is an AI-based digital marketing agent that learns about your business and based on the insights it reaches, it builds digital marketing plans for you on a regular basis

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Ella learns everything there is to know about your business, market, competitors and target audience, so that every week she can put together laser-focused action plans and optimized content, guaranteed to help you grow and succeed month after month.

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Naama Manova-Twito
Co-Founder & CEO

The Layout

When I started working on the product all the content that Ella prepared for you went directly to Google Sheets.
From there you could copy the content to the relevant platform, and publish it.
Our goal was to consolidate all the various products into one, unified platform.


old system myella


new system myella

Another thing that really bothered us were the three tabs that were featured in the original layout: Products For You, Products In Process and My Products.

After brainstorming, I decided to gather all these tabs under one product tab, and give different states to each component according to the state the product is currently in. I also added a few modes for a one-time gift from Ella.

screenshot components from design system myella
Aviv Katz photo
Aviv Katz
product & marketing manager

Me and Aviv the product manager worked really closely. With the transition to the new layout - we started adding indicators for future and necessary features (like the calendar marketing) that could upgrade the product to an automatic mode as much as possible.

We designed the internal product pages to be as similar as possible to the type of platform the content is aimed at.

For example: Google Ads

screenshot google ads tab from my ella system

In contrast, for the option of editing the content of each type of platform - we wanted to keep the system consistent as much as possible, and have them all open in the form of a side popup.

Example side popup on platform (Google Ads)

screenshot side popup from myella system

Full side popup (Google Ads)

side popup google ads

Full side popup (Social media post)

side popup social media

Over time, we discovered that many of our users are actually digital agencies, so we added the option for them to manage their various brands and users under one agency. This means that every brand in those agencies has its very own Ella!

screenshot of product tab
navbar for Agencies

Add / Edit User

screenshot add / edit user

Add / Edit Brand

screenshot add / edit brand

the marketing Calendar

Lately we have been working on a fundamental change to the product in order to make it as simple and minimalistic as possible.This is reflected by placing the calendar feature in the center.


screenshot system now

in planning

screenshot system in planning

And then, users will be able to easily scan their marketing plan without any distractions and unnecessary burden.

current status

I accompanied the company for over a year, acting as a key figure in accompishing their numerous goals in their product design.
Not long ago they recruited an in-house designer, while I act as an outside consultant on various matters when requested.