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Hamesayaat is a system initiated by the Center for Local Government in Israel and the society for those with experience in which you can control the status of kindergarten assistants and perform actions such as placing, removing, sending a request to potential candidates, etc.


In this project I am part of the characterization team and the exclusive designer. At this stage the system is designed solely for desktop computers only, and later it will be decided what are the critical things that the administrator will require, and which adjustments will be needed, in order to enable the project for mobile.

I am carrying out the project on behalf of Web Media Group, with whom I have been working for several years. I collaborated with them in generating additional large projects in which they won the tender.

the system

The system was designed with scalability in mind, so that in the future it will be possible to make adjustments and enable the addition of other positions in the organization (such as a kindergarden security guard, cook, etc.), as well as for other types of business.


In the system we were supposed to refer to 4 different types of employees, 3 of which belong to the same "category" of a local authority employee, while the latter type refers to "Hamesayaat" workers, who are perodical employees  which perform occasional jobs.

screenshot employees list
employees kind

We made adjustments to the personal profile of each type of employee, in accordance to the category to which he belongs.

For example: preferences

screenshot employes preferences
screenshot employes preferences

job page

The job page contained a lot of details and also had several different statuses: Start of a job, during a job, end of a job, are there any linked jobs? were there candidates who were canceled? the employee's check-in and check-out hours, confirmation of hours, etc.
I will present three situations here:


screenshot job page before

While on duty

screenshot job page while on duty

At the end

screenshot job page at the end

placement screen

There were several other challenges in the system, for example - the job opening process.
But designing the placement screen was the most challenging and interesting

It was necessary to take into account various parameters regarding the position, candidates, the candidate's distance from the job, the candidate's availability also for a related job, the candidate's location and preference for the workplace, the number of times the candidate has worked a workplace, and so on.

In addition, we chose to present the jobs in another intuitive visual form of a map - where users can view the status of the jobs based on the colored locations.

placement screen