Accessibility statement

The internet currently constitutes the largest pool of free information for all users generally and users with disabilities specifically. As such, we find great importance in giving people with disabilities equal possibility to use the information presented on our site and enabling a better browsing experience. We strive to ensure that our digital services will be accessible to people with disabilities out of the belief that every person deserves living in equality, respect, comfort and independence. To fulfill this promise we aspire to stick as closely as we can to the recommendation of the Israeli standard for online content accessibility and in the WCAG2.1 international document.

How does the accessibility of my site work?
There is an advanced and friendly accessibility menu. Clicking on the menu opens up the accessibility buttons. After choosing an option on the menu please wait for the page to reload.

The menu works on the popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. Subjected to manufacturer’s conditions.

Menu accessibility options:
Compatibility for color blindness- Makes the site compatible for color blind people.Font change- Changes the font to a more readable one.

Pointer adjustment- Enlarges the pointer and changes its color to black or white.

Enlarges the display to 200%Highlights links in the site.

Highlights headlines in the site.

Presents alternative descriptions for images.

Accessibility statement.

If during browsing you encounter a difficulty regarding accessibility, please contact details:
Name: Guy Phone number: 050-244-0924
Last date for making an accessibility statement: 17/08/23